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When your home or office needs new or replacement windows on Long Island, it’s time to call Cover All Solutions, Inc. We have the experience to provide you with options to add the perfect window options to let the light shine into your home, adding value and beauty. Our highly trained staff will walk you through the entire process and help you choose the best window options for your home. We have the experience and training to make your home better with every project we undertake.

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New Windows for Energy Efficiency

When installing new windows, you have a unique opportunity to install better technology that can reduce the amount of damaging sunlight that enters your home. This will keep your furniture safer and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home. Additionally, new window options can provide a layer of energy efficiency by sealing your home and reducing those drafts that blow through your home in the winter.

New Windows to Solve that Draft Problem

We’ve all stood next to a drafty window on a cold day and realized just how much cold air enters your home during this time. Newer windows can offer an opportunity to seal those drafty windows and provide the insulation necessary to keep your home warm and cozy. This will reduce your heating efforts and make your rooms more uniformly comfortable. When it is time to replace those drafty windows on Long Island, call Cover All Solutions, Inc. at (516) 796‑1592

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Windows and Siding – Complete Solution

For a complete solution, consider replacing your windows at the same time you are adding siding to your home. This will add a complete layer of protection that will make all the difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Call us today to find out all that we have to offer on Long Island. We will be happy to help in any way we can and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anderson Windows

Have you ever been to the home of a friend or family member and been envious of the beautiful windows that let the light shine in? There is no reason why your home can’t be just as beautiful.
Cover All Solutions, Inc. can help you gain the view and beauty that comes with installing Windows that compliment your home.

Replacement Windows

Is your home drafty in the winter and too hot to sit near Windows during the summer? If so, replacement windows are a perfect option to help increase the efficiency of your home. Older homes with original Windows suffer from poor insulation that allows the wind to blow through them and are not rated to keep the sun from excessively heating your home. Cover All Solutions, Inc. provides high-quality replacement windows that solve these problems and allows you to enjoy the view outside of your home with the comfort of being indoors.

any Window Options to Choose From

We offer our expertise for your replacement windows and will help you decide which Windows make the most sense for your home and budget.
Call (516) 796-1952 for the experts at Cover All Solutions, Inc. today and find out why we are your best window installer option on Long Island.

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Andersen Woodwright Replacements

If you’re looking for replacement windows, you want a product that will blend in with and enhance the look of your home. They also need to be durable and hold up to the elements. Cover All Solutions, Inc. carries one of the top wood replacement windows on the market. It’s the high-performing Woodwright double-hung windows.

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Andersen’s Best Performing Window

If you want wind durable windows that are also beautiful and high-performing, look no further than the Woodwright double-hung windows. They are part of the popular Andersen 400 series and are considered to be the company’s best-performing window.

They have two operating sashes that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top or the bottom of the window or both. The Woodwright is made of wood protected by a Fibrex exterior on the sash and sills, Fibrex is a blend of wood fiber and PVC polymer that is twice as strong as vinyl. This helps seal the window from the weather. Fibrex also blocks thermal transfer better than aluminum so it can reduce your energy bill.

Woodwright windows are durable and virtually maintenance free. Their Perma-Shield exteriors don’t need to be painted and won’t peel, blister or corrode.

Lower Your Energy Bills with Andersen

Woodwright windows are all energy efficient, as they are built with weatherstripping designed to seal out drafts, winds, and water. Woodwright has several low E4 glass options that can help bring down heating and cooling costs, and there are also options that can achieve Energy Star version 6.0 certifications.

Andersen Woodwright replacements come in seven different color combinations and also come with natural pine, maple, oak, or white interiors. You can also add grilles, exterior trim, or patterned glass. There are ten types of hardware finishes available.

Both sashes on these windows tilt in for ease of cleaning. The frame exterior is made of vinyl that is strong enough to resist dents and keep water out.

Let Cover All Solutions, Inc. explain all of these options to you and help you find the Andersen Woodwright windows that are a fit for your home. We’ll explain the installation process and bring you closer to your perfect home. Contact Cover All Solutions, Inc. today by calling (516) 796-1952.

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