If you have a residential or commercial demolition project, you want to have a contractor who can get the job done, comply with local laws and maintain a safe job site. Cover All Solutions can do all of these things.

We understand that even the simplest demolition jobs might involve some complex laws. The federal government requires contractors follow regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There also may be state and local laws and regulations to follow including zoning laws. You also have to make sure the job isn’t too disruptive to the surrounding areas. If your project is near a home, school, or another sensitive area like a hospital, you’ll need to make certain things run smoothly with the community.

We’ll take you through all of the regulations including asbestos laws and regulations in order to develop a plan to dispose of all materials. If there are hazardous or toxic materials involved in the demolition, we will make sure they are disposed of properly.

Cover All Solutions will always maintain a safe legal worksite and we will use the right safety equipment and protective gear and clothing. Our team will constantly monitor and inspect the job site to ensure the demolition is being handled with the utmost care.

We’ll also make sure that the job site is clean and safe when we finish the work day. We’ll maintain a professional manner all through the job. We’ll always keep in mind that what we do will affect those in the surrounding area and we’ll strive to leave the area in better shape than it was when we entered.

Cover All Solutions takes pride in our work ethic and our expertise and we’re happy to answer questions at any point in the process. Whether you have a small residential job or you need interior demolition for your commercial enterprise, Cover All Solutions has the expertise to handle the job. Contact us today by calling (516) 796-1952.


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